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"One More Voice" is now available. We hope it will be a blessing to God's people. Just email us if you would like to order one.
Click on the link below to listen to parts of our newest cd, and the 7 others that are available. 
The Crumpton Family - One More Voice

Thank You

A NEW CRUMPTON RECORDING! Well, not exactly. Joshua sings lead for the Glorybound quartet for Heartland Baptist Bible College! Just click on the pic of the CD, and it will take you straight to the college bookstore website, where you can order as many as you would like directly from them. Our favorite song is “The Borrowed Tomb”. Pray for Joshua, as he is “back on the road” this summer singing for Him!

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  1. Saved, Sealed, and Goin'

  2. Why We Came Here

  3. Love Them to Jesus

  4. The Borrowed Tomb

  5. The Joys of Heaven

  6. You Can Still Find Forgiveness

  7. Just Beyond the Sunset

  8. Expect The Unexpected

  9. Preacher Tell Me Like It Is

  10. Long Live the King